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Repeal of DADT

Monday, May 31st, 2010

So after Admiral Mullen and Secretary of Defense Gates go out on a limb for Obama to support repeal of DADT (legalizing sodomy in the military), using as cover a “study” of service member concerns, Congress says “OK” and passes it anyway, rendering the study a farce.  Mullen and Gates, having already committed to support the repeal, now have to go around telling the service members the study means something and their comments and concerns will be taken seriously even though Congress has already passed the law and gone on to ruin other parts of America.

Obama and the Democrats are radical ideologues bent on using their current majorities to push the country as far to the left as they can.  They know there will be blow back in November, but figure most of their changes will stick.  Anything repealed by a new Congress will be vetoed by Obama.  Republicans will pat themselves on the back if they can roll back one tenth of this stuff.

Will the Republicans and the country in general push back on this queering of the military?  Most of us are grateful that our troops are willing to die for us.  Are we willing to even speak up for them?


Sunday, May 16th, 2010

The problem with Elena Kagan as President Obama’s appointee to the Supreme Court is not that she may be lesbian or lacks qualifications. The problem is the same as for any other Democratic nominee. It’s that they all believe that the entire Democratic Party’s legislative dream is already there in the Constitution, just waiting to be discovered by the right judges.

All Republican Senators must oppose her and all Democratic nominees on this basis. That is the only way this issue can be made clear to the American people before it is too late.

Women on submarines

Sunday, May 9th, 2010

  Now that sounds like a really dumb idea.  So of course, that’s exactly what we’ve just done.  The Navy has just announced it is going to start assigning women (officers only at first) to submarines.

  The practical problems with this are obvious, but almost no one voiced opposition.  Not in the Navy.  Not in Congress.  Not in the media.  Certainly not from the pulpit.    This is a perfect example of the power of ideological thinking.  What is ideological thinking?  That is the question to be answered in this post.

  Ideological thinking is best understood in contrast to pragmatic thinking.  They represent two extremes.  In ideological thinking, one is guided by a supreme abstract principle, like “equality,” or “freedom of the individual,” or “the collective good.”  When ideological thinking reigns supreme, anyone raising a mere practical objection will be denounced as an enemy of the abstract principle, and the practical objection itself dismissed rather than answered.  In the case of women on submarines the abstract principle of feminism which is that “men and women are the same” is revealed to have such a grip on the public mind that no one dares raise either practical or principled objections.  The few who do are ignored and marginalized.

  Ideological thinking is readily identified by its immunity to feedback.  Negative outcomes and bad experience only means we have to try harder.  Current problems with women on surface ships are ignored.  Commanders who mention them are disciplined.

  The opposite of ideological thinking is pragmatic thinking.  Pragmatic thinking usually fails by being unprincipled and leads to short term decision making, telling “white lies,”  making moral compromises, and drifting from any moorings.  When told he cannot make a deal with the Devil, the pragmatic thinker says “At prices like these, how can I not?”

  Proper thinking is principled thinking.  It is pragmatic while still being tied to eternal principles.  Proper thinking would not, for example, put women on submarines.