Observations on the Prop 8 Battle

The battle over California’s Proposition 8, which limited marriage to one man and one woman, is the current focal point of the overall struggle for the future direction of the United States as a Constitutional Federal Republic.

 In the first place, we have the question of whether the laws of the United States will be, or indeed can be, brought into conformity with the moral law of God.  In his ruling, Judge Walker asserted that moral and religious views could not for the basis for the laws of this country.  This is a fairly astounding claim, but one which demonstrates the total break with God’s law that is at stake.  This is one more step along the path most dramatically started with Roe v. Wade, and I think the final one, to a total break with God’s law.  Should this decision stand there will be no sense in which we can claim to be a nation “under God.”

In the second place, this struggle has crystallized the battle between the imperial judiciary and the people.  The people voted against gay marriage as a matter of law.  The California Court threw this law out and created gay marriage in California.  The people passed Proposition 8 as a State Constitutional Amendment to overrule the Court’s usurpation.  The State Court accepted this action, but now a federal court “discovers” a right to gay marriage in the U.S. Constitution, and throws out the amendment.  This is being appealed, and we all wait to see how Justice Kennedy, the expected swing vote on the U.S. Supreme Court will feel about the issue.  Is this any way to run a Constitutional Federal Republic?  No, and the fact that we have come to this point shows that in casting aside God’s law we have also cast away any pretense at being governed by the consent of the governed.

 For a good dissection of the errors in Judge Walkers rulings see this.  I will only point out that what Walker does is to list his opinions on very debatable matters and call them “findings of fact.”  He even makes assertions about the future, which no one can know, and calls these findings of fact.  This is pure self deification and judicial fiat.  Yet it is a better than even bet that the Supreme Court will uphold his ruling and impose same sex marriage on all fifty states the same way they imposed abortion and everything else.

 This then is another case of the elites versus the people, and the people are losing.  We have moved from being a government of laws to a government of lawyers.  There are good Christian lawyers, but by and large the class has been taken over by the enemies of Christ who hate His people.

 How has it come to this?  The fault lies with the Church, which has failed to be a faithful witness to her Lord and given away the battle before it even began.  The Church declares Jesus to be “your personal Lord and Savior” only, not the Lord of heaven and earth comprehensively.  The Church acknowledges the “right” of civil government to have laws contrary to God’s law, thus treating civil government as another god, rather than as God’s minister.  The Church is thus effectively polytheistic.

The only people you hear screaming about Walker’s ruling are the small activist groups that pushed Proposition 8 in the first place.  You don’t hear any of the big leaders of the Church saying anything.  How can they?  They have said next to nothing about abortion or immoral sex education in the schools, or the jailing and persecution of faithful Christians at home and abroad.  Are they going to find faith and courage now?

 Even those who fought for Proposition 8 said they were not against civil unions.  God’s law says that homosexual acts are always wrong.  If Christians say they are OK as “civil unions” but not OK as “marriage,” then Judge Walker is right to dismiss this as a matter of mere taste and prejudice.  Will God in heaven fight to vindicate a Church that will not offer a full throated defense of his word?  Will He not instead declare such a Church to have “lost its savor,” and to be “henceforth good for nothing but to be thrown out and trampled under feet of men?”

 What is needed is not just a political revolution but a spiritual one.  A lot of weak pastors need to lose their jobs along with a lot of politicians.  Just like conservatives are realizing they need to throw their support behind hard core fighters instead of compromising establishment RINOs, serious Christians need to seek out the few pastors willing to take a stand and follow them.  Non-serious Christians should just stay with Pastor Milquetoast.

3 Responses to “Observations on the Prop 8 Battle”

  1. Jason says:

    All God fearing Christians need to pray for mercy, revival, and leaders who fear God.

  2. Tony says:

    Well said. I really appreciate your insite
    and straightforwardness. I am
    still unsure of Pastor Milquetoast joining
    the foray even after his purse is snatched. I think the church is in for a bumpy ride.

  3. Bill Chowanec says:

    Excellent presentation of a majority point of view.

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