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Letter to the OC Register

Sunday, January 30th, 2011

This is a letter I submitted to the Orange County Register today:

On Sunday David Whiting penned one of the Register’s trademark front page editorials  pushing the  oxymoron of “same sex” marriage.  As near as I could follow, he was trying to make two points.  

His first point seems to be that changing the law to call homosexual relationships “marriage” somehow increases the sum total of “freedom” for everyone.  Of course this is not true.  This is a zero sum game.  When law is made to conform to morality “A,” those holding morality “B” lose.  Legalizing same sex  marriage means that people objecting to this transgression will be compelled to treat it as legitimate.  For a time, churches may be able to preach biblical morality behind closed doors, but businesses and their employees will be compelled to act as if they approve it in public.

His second point is that polling indicates increasing acceptance of this pernicious idea, and that this trend renders the legal establishment of “same sex marriage” inevitable.   Such talking points are merely designed to dispirit opponents.  One could as easily cite the perfect record of outlawing same sex marriage whenever the people are allowed to vote on it.

One reason I had difficulty following Mr. Whiting’s reasoning was his dismissal of concerns that schools will teach our children same sex marriage on the one hand, followed by his praise of public schools hosting gay sex clubs for students on the other.  (We all know that the schools are in the tank for homosexual and leftist indoctrination.  This is not news.)

Libertarians and Statists make strange bedfellows in their mutual support of the homosexual political agenda.  Statists see the intact functioning natural family as a barrier to expanding the role of their god, the State.   Libertarians focus on the freedom of their god, the Individual, to define his own morality.  Socialists think the State is god while Libertarians think the Individual is god.  Both are enemies of the true God in heaven.  Libertarians are thus surprisingly willing to enlist the power of government to punish people who uphold moral standards. 

  When it comes to opposing God’s Law, Statists and Libertarians are on the same page.


Monday, January 24th, 2011

Not that you would know it from the (lack of) news coverage, but a couple hundred thousand people participated in the 38th  March for Life in Washington today.

 This article tells about an abortionist being prosecuted for killing eight babies with scissors.  How do they think he kills the rest of them, with kindness?

 Why the left hates Palin so much.  Robin of Berkeley pries open the liberal brain to find out.

 In Britain, an elderly Christian couple is to lose their home for refusing to renounce their faith and sign on to the homosexual political agenda.

 This article explains why American manufacturing output is doing fine while manufacturing employment continues to fall.

 And here is a call for civility in public discourse.

Random Thoughts

Tuesday, January 18th, 2011

 Here are a few thoughts on civil rights prompted by a Martin Luther King Jr. Day article on it by the Rev. Sharpton.  Sharpton lauds the progress made by Dr. King’s civil rights movement while lamenting a few things that still need fixing like education, employment, and incarceration in the black community.  He is quite vague about how to “fix” these little problems, talking about “access” to education and employment as if the problem was still George Wallace standing at the school house door.  These problems seem to have more to do with family breakdown than racism, and the civil rights paradigm may have little to contribute to the solution.  The idea of “civil rights” is different from the idea of “unalienable rights” in the Declaration of Independence.  Civil Rights come from civil government and reflect the shifting political power in society.  Unalienable Rights come from God and are enforced by Him.  Civil rights are a form of legal positivism while unalienable rights are associated with natural law.  Does this shift from talking about unalienable rights to talking about civil rights represent a form of apostasy, a substitution of faith in government instead of faith on God as savior?  Subtle changes in the language we use can affect our whole way of thinking.

 On another topic, a therapist in Britain is facing decertification for attempting to help a man overcome unwanted homosexual desires using a Christian framework.  The individual seeking the treatment was in fact a homosexual activist conducting a “sting” with a hidden tape recorder.  This is further proof that gay rights and Christian liberty cannot coexist.  Society must choose sides.  Either you are for Christ, or against Him.  (But here is a differing view.)

China Bow China continues to grow both in economic and military terms.  China announces a new stealth fighter as we announce military budget cuts.  Western leaders seem content to let that occur provided they can personally profit from some short term deals.  A western businessman with a lucrative deal in China has a whole new perspective on things like human rights.  If you were doing a scavenger hunt in the neighborhoods of some of our corporate and government leaders and had to find an American flag or a Bible you might be disappointed.