Fired for Your Faith

ISTANBUL, May 18 (CDN) — A pastor in Kirkuk, Iraq told Compass that sources close to a Christian reportedly kidnapped, tortured and murdered by al Qaeda over the weekend said the kidnappers had pressured his employer to fire him because he was a Christian. The employer had refused to fire him.

Meanwhile in America, (land of the free), Americans citizens are being fired because they are Christians.  I mentioned Peter Vidmar in an earlier post.  On May 6th, two-time gold medalist Peter Vidmar was forced to resign as head of the 2012 Olympic Team by the gay mafia because he donated money to the Proposition 8 campaign which banned gay marriage in California.  Now a second individual, Frank Turek, has been fired by Cisco for having written a book opposing gay marriage.  Both cases are similar to that of Matt Barber who was fired from his Allstate job for writing an internet column opposing gay marriage.

In both America and Iraq such discriminatory firing is illegal, and in both America and Iraq it doesn’t make any difference, because those charged with enforcing the law have no interest in doing so.

In America, corporate executives and bureaucrats who are overwhelmingly left/liberal on social issues, can just violate the law and fire outspoken Christians for opposing gay marriage or abortion or saying prayers to Jesus or whatever with impunity.  The wronged employee must fund a multi-year court fight before unsympathetic judges to get any justice.  If they win a settlement, it is paid by the stockholders or taxpayers and the executives who violated the law will suffer no adverse consequences.

Everyone knows this, and Christians have to know that if they speak out on things like this, even  off work, they may be punished by their employers.  They also know better than to go crying to their pastors who have already taken a vow of silence on abortion and the homosexual political agenda.  Do you think any of the men mentioned above got one public word of support from the pastors of their churches?

What about you?  Are you afraid to speak out because you don’t want to lose your job?  On the one hand you should be, because the threat is real.  On the other hand, if you don’t speak out now, what will you do when they require you to make a public statement of support for abortion or gay marriage or whatever is next?

“Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves.” Matthew 10:16


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