Our Next Stop on the Road to Hell

           The reason it’s called “the bottomless pit” is because it has no bottom.  Once you start down the road of discarding God’s Law and doing what seems good in your own eyes, it seems there is no stopping the process until you are destroyed.  America collectively has clearly chosen to cast the Law of God behind its back and head into the pit.

            First there was fornication, an embrace of “free sex” and an abandonment of the restriction of sex to marriage.  Then there was abortion to make our fornicating more convenient.  When abortion faced only the mildest and most tepid opposition from the Church in America, we moved on to legalize sodomy.  With sodomy established as a new virtue, we have pushed to have same sex relationships receive the same honorable name as actual marriage, forcing all Americans to pay homage to this particular sin and legally punishing those who demure.  And just to show the thanks of a grateful nation, we pushed acceptance of this behavior on an unwilling military, singing “God Bless America” every step of the way.

            So what’s next, as we wipe the residue of our latest unclean meal from our mouths?  Well sex with children of course.  Oh I’m sorry.  Did I say sex with children?  I meant to say lowering the age of consent so sexual freedom can be extended to more Americans.

            The push began in earnest in the past few weeks, beginning as always with a UN call to extend the right to choose to have sex with adults to all children and continuing with a symposium in Baltimore this month to pressure the American Psychiatric Association to redefine pedophilia as OK the same way they did homosexuality. Meanwhile, three men convicted of sexually abusing and murdering three Cub Scouts in Arkansas were let go in a bizarre legal maneuver championed by the usual sympathetic celebrities.  (Arkansas is also where the infamous Dirkhising homosexual pedophile murder took place.  The media buried that story deeper than the poor boy’s body.)  The point here in case you missed it is that our elites are far more sympathetic to pedophilia than you think.

            All of this should be understood in the context of several events in Europe, where we often get a preview of things to come here.  In 2000, England enacted laws lowering the age of consent for homosexual acts from 18 to 16.  The whole argument was in terms of the rights of the minor to have sex with whomever he wanted, disguising the fact that this was to benefit older male predators.  In 2006 a new political party, NVD, was started in Holland for the sole purpose of legalizing sex between adults and children.

            Of course the North American Man-Boy Love Association (NAMBLA) has been operating in America for years.  They used to march as part of every Gay Pride Day Parade and participate in Gay Olympics until the homosexual lobby figured out it was bad publicity.  Look for them to be brought back into the fold once the lobby secures its priorities of marriage and tougher hate crimes laws.

            And of course we must not forget the gay sex clubs operated and sanctioned in many of our public schools as hook-up sites for confused children and predatory adults.  The clubs are sponsored and protected by elected school boards with never a peep of protest from area churches.

            This continued decline of America is not inevitable.  It is a choice.  It is a choice made day by day by millions of Americans as they “micro-vote” the country one way or another.  Far more damaging than the homosexual and pedophile activists who push their agenda is the passivity of the Church that withdraws from the political sphere and only wants the world to like them.  The passivity of Christian parents and grandparents to these assaults on their children and grandchildren will resound to their shame forever.  Want to avoid this eternal blot on your name?  As a first step I recommend going to your pastor and asking him what he is going to do about it.  If you are too afraid to do that why would you expect courage from him?


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