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Thoughts for the New Year

Saturday, December 31st, 2011

First, here is an interesting link to the story of how Santa Claus saved Christmas, actually an account of the real St. Nicholas at the Council of Nicaea.  The links on that page are also interesting.

The big issue immediately ahead of us is who will win the Republican nomination and run against President Obama.  I think the common view of it being Romney versus the many anti-Romney candidates is pretty accurate.  The majority of Republican voters want a strong, consistent conservative who will fight Obama and the Democrats hard and effectively, and they don’t think that’s Romney.   The whole field of Gingrich, Bachmann, Santorum, Perry, Cain and others seems flawed, and none have been able to emerge as the conservative champion.  Romney stays at 25% and is running a disciplined, well financed campaign.  I supported Romney against McCain in 2008, but now I am deeply troubled by him.  The reason for this is his support for the homosexual political agenda.

At a time when the threat of legalized gay marriage looms as the next great step on destroying our country’s moral foundations, Romney’s history and shifting positions on this give us little reason to hope he will actively oppose it.  He has also said on a number of occasions that he supports the idea of gay rights.  What this means is unclear, but it certainly means he won’t spend any political capital opposing the homosexual political agenda.

The extreme danger posed to our society by the homosexual political agenda is not understood by many people.  A group that does seem to get it is the Rabbinical Alliance of America which has issued an excellent statement opposing the homosexual agenda and another calling for the Mormon Church to sanction Romney for promoting this agenda.  (It’s a sad day when the fate of Christianity in America depends on Orthodox Jews and Mormons fighting for decency.)   Here is a link to my previous postings on this subject.

The smart money is betting Romney will win the nomination.  Others think no one will have enough delegates and the nominee will be chosen in the Convention.  We need to support whoever seems to have the best chance of getting enough delegates to prevent Romney from having it locked up before then.  If Romney is the nominee careful consideration may even have to be given to supporting Obama in order to prevent the Republican Party from joining the Democratic Party as a mindless tool of the enemies of God’s moral law.