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Late to the Game

Sunday, January 15th, 2012

As the coils of secular government begin to tighten on the Church, the clerics are finally beginning to notice.  Here Francis Cardinal George lists some of the encroachments and sounds an alarm.  Elsewhere, a group of pastors were arrested in New York for protesting the City’s decision, upheld by the federal courts, to rent public space to any and all groups except churches.

For 39 years abortion has been “legal” in this country, and for 39 years 99% of pastors have been virtually silent on the issue.  The government has used the public schools to indoctrinate children from Christian homes and churches into atheism and immoral sexual practice and the pastors have been similarly silent if not supportive.  Now, in the final stages of the radical secularization of the country, when the government feels strong enough to just go around shutting churches down outright, the pastors notice.

Better late than never I suppose.  Although God might well say as He does in Isaiah 1:15 that He will not hear the prayers of those whose hands are full of blood.  How can a Church that has stopped its ears and turned its eyes from the littlest victims of injustice now cry to God for justice?  It may even be that the only hope for the Church in America today is for the government to shut down all the existing compromised, man-pleasing church enterprises so we can try again.

Speaking of games, the whole world is flipping out over Tim Tebow violating the Constitutional separation of Church and Football by taking a knee in prayer and thus confessing his faith in the public square.  The public square is reserved for things like Gay Pride parades and defecating on police cars, not shameless demonstrations of faith in Jesus.  When will the courts take action against this transgression?

Pay no attention to that man “Tebowing” in the snow.